Out-of-Autoclave Lamination

LAMIPRESSâ is an industry proven Out-Of-Autoclave lamination technology with a track record of more than 10 years of successful service in the glass industry. References are available on request.


LAMIPRESSâ is an inline process that can be integrated in a fully automated production line or be used as a stand-alone laminator. Once the glass leaves the machine, it is ready for packaging with little to no post processing. 


LAMIPRESSâ cannot replace autoclave lamination in a high volume glass production line. But it could bring your business to the next level. 


Reduces Cost of Lamination

  • Less power consumption by up to 50% as compared to autoclave lamination

  • Lower labor costs due to fewer workers at the production line

  • Increase of production yield due to reduced glass breakage

  • Less square footage of factory space needed for the lamination line

  • Lamination area utilization of more than 85%

  • No vacuum bags needed

Ideal for Product Development

  • Short cycle time of about 45 minutes - Lamination results are quickly available for inspection and tests

  • No minimum population requirement for any given lamination area

  • Laminators available in small sizes

  • Can laminate mixed glass sizes and shapes in one batch

Production Benefits

  • Can laminate all types of laminated glass like safety glass, smart glass, multilayer products, complex geometries, mixed size glasses in one batch

  • Can laminate all interlayer materials, certified lamination quality by Kuraray (Trosifol, SentryGlas)

  • Short cycle times of about 45 minutes

  • No minimum population requirement for any given lamination area

For Future Customers   

  • Customer references on request
  • Lamination test runs, process and equipment demos available in Germany

  • Can enable you to laminate on premises rather than outsourcing lamination

  • Use LAMIPRESSâ to get rid of costly vacuum bags

  • Use LAMIPRESSâ if autoclave lamination is not economical for your business

  • Use LAMIPRESSâ if you want to expand your product portfolio 

LAMIPRESSâ is located in the town of Marl, which is a municipality in the district of Recklinghausen, in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. The next international airport is Düsseldorf one hour away by car.

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