LED Module Flasher - Made by MBJ Solutions

  • The A+A+A+ rated flasher features an LED array certified by TÜV, Germany
  • Meets spectral requirements of IEC 60904-9 Ed. 2 and 3.
  • A flash duration of 200 ms allows testing of high efficiency modules with PERC cells.
  • Test bifacial modules with two LED arrays for front and back illumination.
  • Add hipot and grounding test capability to the flasher with automated contacting.
  • Add an EL system and create a fully automated inline backend test system.
  • Declutter and simplify your production line.

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Silicon Machining

Herbert Arnold GmbH & CO. KG is a leading manufacturer of equipment for machining silicon bricks and ingots in mono- and multicrystalline wafer factories. The product portfolio includes individual machines, automated work cells combining multiple pieces of equipment, and fully automated manufacturing solutions. Arnold machines are designed to minimize cost of ownership (CoO) by optimizing parameters like silicon waste, consumables, utilities and machine uptime.

Vacuum Lamination

SM InnoTech Gmbh & Co. KG (formerly Spaleck-Stevens InnoTech) was co-founded in 2009 by Hans-Gerd Stevens, the former CTO of Meier Solar Solutions. Armed with a wealth of design know-how, experience and new ideas, the company developed a full line of laminators with truly innovative features not available from any other manufacturer. The company joined the Meier Group in 2013.  In March 2013, SM InnoTech moved to its new headquarters in Bocholt, Germany.

Module Testing

MBJ Solutions GmbH  was founded in 2009 by Dr. Michael Fuss, the CEO of the company. Initially, MBJ focussed on the development of low and high resolution electroluminescence (EL) systems for module, string and cell inspection,  available as stand alone manual/lab or in-line units. MBJ has recently added its own line of A+A+A+ rated sun simulators, which integrate seamlessly with MBJ's EL systems. The sun simulators feature an LED light array that maintains irradiance uniformity almost indefinitely.

Vacuum Bagging

Steinbach AG, founded in 1923, is a global supplier of high-quality technical rubber products for the machine and forming industries. Steinbach silicone is known world-wide to retain its elasticity, hardness and temperature resilience even under the most demanding conditions. Their vacuum bags have a robust and easy to use vacuum seal. Save money as you say goodbye to repairing zipper-type bags. All bags come complete with  a ball valve and  PTFE breather sheets for quick evacuation.

Silicon Recycling

JPM Silicon GmbH was founded by Jan-Philipp Mai in 2010 when he realized that his ideas how to melt silicon fast and inexpensively could be a commercial success. Using microwaves as source of energy to get silicon melted at a temperature of 1,414°C is short of being revolutionary. With this technology, silicon dust and fines can be purified, converted into silicon pellets or chunks and reintroduced into the silicon manufacturing value chain lowering the production cost of raw and solar grade silicon.

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