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Get in-depth information about our selection of machines for laminating and testing solar modules.

Learn about equipment for machining silicon, used in factories that produce silicon wafers.

Explore a new efficient method for laminating safety glass that replaces autoclaves and pre-lamination.

Find out about our durable reusable vacuum bags.


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SPECIAL OFFER: Used Lamination line for PV modules


  • 2 laminators, 1 cooling press.
  • Fully automated process.
  • Available for only 1/3 of the new price.
  • Special features: Each laminator has 2 heating platens (top and bottom).
  • For standard modules, glass/glass modules, rigid and flexible thin film modules.


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LED Module Flasher - Made by MBJ Solutions

  • The A+A+A+ rated flasher features an LED array certified by TÜV, Germany.
  • Meets spectral requirements of IEC 60904-9 Ed. 2 and 3.
  • A flash duration of 200 ms allows testing high efficiency modules with PERC cells.
  • Test bifacial modules with two LED arrays for front and back illumination.
  • Add hipot and grounding test capability to the flasher with automated contacting.
  • Add an EL system and create a fully automated inline backend test system.
  • Declutter and simplify your production line.

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