Vacuum Laminators for the PV Industry - incapcell Series

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SM InnoTech laminators are available for applications in the PV and glass industries as well as for lightweight composites manufacturing. The "incapcell" (= innovative encapsulation of cells) series of laminators is designed for regular flat laminates with features that are needed in mass production and/or demanding laminate designs. This laminator is the most innovative laminator world-wide.

Two stacked incapcell laminators

Standard Features

  • 1 or 2 electrical heating platens. Max. temperature: 180°±  2°C
  • Ready for extra oil circulation for cooling or higher temp. stability
  • Perfectly flat heating platens with no penetrations
  • Temperature sensors can be replaced while laminator is hot
  • PTFE coated transport belt, PTFE coated rotating release sheet
  • Rotating cleaning brushes and scrapers for both belts
  • Oil free vacuum pump for process chamber, pressure: < 1 mbar
  • Pump down time: < 1 minute
  • Distributed airflow in process chamber to eliminate cell shifting
  • Height of vacuum chamber: 30 mm
  • Separate pump to control diaphragm pressure precisly w/o creep
  • Electrical cover lift with self locking screws, no hydraulics
  • Stackable "Stack-'em-as-you-need 'em" (see photo above)
  • Stacked laminators run independently - high redundancy
  • All electrical cables in atmosphere
  • Available in custom sizes
  • Quick mounting systems for diaphragm transport belts
  • Upgradable - e.g. start with 1 heating plate, add another later
  • Can also be configured as 2-step or 3-step system

Our Value Proposition

  • Ask us for our Gigawatt solutions: redundent lamination lines for big factories.
  • incapcell laminators provide you with enabling lamination technology allowing you to create your future business without limitations.
  • Stack ‘em as you need ‘em to increase line throughput. Use the saved space for other equipment necessary for your expansion on the same factory floor.
  • Choose from laminators in virtually any size needed to optimize your production line. You have to laminate six modules per run? Don’t buy two laminators that would be underutilized. Buy a larger one! We can deliver.
  • incapcell laminators are energy efficient and have a smaller carbon footprint than the competition.
  • You want to try new materials? Don’t limit yourself to what you know. Explore new products and rely on the forgiving process window of your incapcell laminator.
  • Your incapcell laminators run faster because they are smarter than the competition. That means for you that you need fewer laminators in any given factory.
  • Your incapcell laminators save you money because of their low cost of ownership due to reduced need for maintenance and energy.
  • If you want to produce rigid or flexible laminates, your incapcell laminator is all you need. Transport trays are a relic of the past.
Cleaning system for the transport belt of an incapcell laminator

Inverse and 3-in-1 Process

The incapcell laminator can be configured for the patented inverse and 3-in-1 processes.


The inverse process uses 2 heating plates, an upper and a lower one. The diaphragm will be installed across the bottom heating platen, which is kept at a lower temperature than the upper heating platen. Modules moving into the laminator lie on the bottom heating plate where they are getting warmed up but without melting or cross linking the encapsulant. No pin lift necessary! The modules stay on the lower heating plate for the evacuation period. For lamination, the lower diaphragm pushes the modules against the upper heating plate, which is kept at lamination temperature. When finished, the modules are lowered back onto the lower heating platen where they start cooling down immediately. Should the finished modules not leave the laminator due to a system problem downstream, they will not be damaged or "overcooked". Your production yield improves. 


A second diaphragm can be installed across the upper heating plate, which leads to the 3-in-1 process configuration. Both diaphragms can be activated simulataneously allowing tool free 3D lamination and forming.


All configurations at a glance:

  • 1 heating plate, 1 diaphragm ‐ regular configuration
  • 2 heating plates, 1 diaphragm ‐ inverse configuration
  • 2 heating plates, 2 diaphragms ‐ 3‐in‐1 configuration


incapcell laminators with additional cooling press in different stages of completion

Most Common Laminator Sizes

The incapcell laminator can be built in virtually any size. However, over time certain common sizes have emerged (lamination area in millimeters):

  • 64-24 (6,400 x 2,400 mm) for 6 x 72 cell modules in a batch
  • 62-26 (6,200 x 2,600 mm) for 6 x 72-cell modules in a batch
  • 62-22 (6,200 x 2,200 mm) for 6 x 72-cell modules in a batch
  • 42-24 (4,200 x 2,400 mm) for 4 x 72-cell modules in a batch
  • 37-22 (3,700 x 2,200 mm) for 4 x 60-cell modules in a batch
  • 22-11 (2,200 x 1,100 mm) for 1 x 72-cell module (lab laminator)

Lamination Line Configurations

  • 1‐step configuration: Individual laminator
  • 2‐step configuration: Laminator + Cooling press
  • 3‐step configuration: Laminator + Heating press + Cooling press
  • All configurations above as stacked systems

Vacuum Laminator - profilam Series

The new profilam laminator provides standard lamination capabilities with one heating plate and a diaphragm that presses down on the modules. This laminator cannot be stacked or upgraded in any way. It is a great machine for projects with a limited budget and standard lamination needs. Small factories with a diverse spectrum of specialty modules may consider using this laminator.

General Features

  • Quick evacuation of most intricate laminates
  • Internal laminate lift system to save energy
  • Certified process for PVB and SentryGlass®
  • Tested with EVA, TPU and other types of encapsulants
  • Low-maintenance design and components
  • Minimized footprint
  • Process automation and recipe manager

Field Service for Meier Laminators

SM InnoTech is the official service partner for customers who run ICOLAM laminators made by Meier Vakuumtechnik GmbH and Meier Solar Solutions GmbH. Should you own such a legacy system or when you buy a used one and need help to install and overhaul it, please let us know. SM InnoTech has acquired the technical documentation from the last owner of the Meier companies and provides genuine spare parts on top of an absolute competent service with ex Meier employees who may have even installed that laminator in your factory.

  • Machine optimization
  • Process development and improvement
  • Plant relocation
  • Commissioning and operator training
  • Spare and wear parts
Spare parts and competent field service for Meier laminators available from SM InnoTech

Where is SM InnoTech located? SM InnoTech is located in the town of Bocholt in the north-west of Germany, close to the Dutch border. The next international airport is Düsseldorf (DUS). From there it is a 1 hour ride by car - depending on traffic. Amsterdam and its airport (AMS) can be reached in about 2 hours.

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